A.M. Aminian, M.D.


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Your First Visit (New Patient)

You can expect friendly, individualized service as our staff gathers vital information about your health history and home and environmental assessment during your first visit. Part of the visit will include a physical examination followed by a conference with Dr. Aminian to discuss the diagnosis of your allergy and/or asthma management plan. Dr. Aminian may recommend further evaluation. This will be arranged at a later date that works best for you.

Following the assessment process we will schedule a visit to monitor your progress and adjust your therapeutic program. By working together, we can help eliminate many problems arising from allergies and asthma so you can enjoy a full and healthy lifestyle.

New Patient

Please call (559) 447-1700 in Fresno or (559) 627-9107 in Visalia to request your User ID and Password, once you receive your User ID and Password you may connect to our Patient Portal, by clicking here.

Please note: If the person we are seeing for the first time is under 18, we request that a parent be present.

Making an Appointment

For your convenience, we offer flexible office hours at both Fresno and Visalia locations.

For Existing Patients, connect to the Patient Portal here and use your User ID and Password.

If you have forgotten your User ID and Password, please call (559) 447-1700 in Fresno or (559) 627-9107 in Visalia or utilize the options to reset.

In an Emergency

For established patients, we provide 24 hour on-call service. Should you have an allergy or asthma related emergency during office hours, you should call the office and tell the person who answers the phone that you have a medical emergency so our staff can quickly assess and advise you of the appropriate action need to take. In some cases, the emergency may be so severe that you will need to call 911 immediately. Any non-emergency calls, including requests for medication refills, should be done during normal office hours.

Insurance Coverage

We participate in most health insurance plans including HMOs, PPOs, and Medicare. As a courtesy to you, our billing department will submit charges to your insurance company. We do expect payment or co-payment at the time of service.  Please bring your insurance card and identification along for each visit.