A.M. Aminian, M.D.

Our Services

At the Allergy Institute® you will find access to comprehensive services for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of numerous allergic disorders and respiratory problems, including asthma, in children and adults.

Allergic rhinitis (“hay fever”)

Food allergy

Bronchial asthma

Latex allergy


Stinging insect allergy

Eczema (dry skin disorder)

Allergic drug reactions

Skin allergies

Immunological disorders

Occupational asthma

Nocturnal asthma


According to the type of symptoms you might have, various testing may be suggested. For allergies, this could include skin prick testing, pulmonary function testing, lab or x-ray. For asthma related symptoms, a series of of breathing tests may be assigned. It may be found that your allergic disorders may be causing asthma related symptoms.

We individualize your treatment plan in the most effective way to gain control over the allergic and asthma related problems. Options include education in avoidance and environmental control, medications, lifestyle changes, and immunotherapy (“allergy shots”).